Local Photographer to Release Newest ‘White Girl in Big Hat at Sunset’ Collection Soon

LA CROSSE, WIS — Photography fans were given reason to rejoice Monday, as a popular local photographer indicated she will soon release her newest session of white girls in big floppy hats at sunset.

DeeDee Harmon began her photography business in La Crosse nine years ago.

“When I started, everyone knew about ‘the golden hour’ at sunset,” Harmon said, “but – at least around here – I was one of the first to suggest that all my subjects wear a comically-sized floppy sun hat. The rest is history!”

Since 2011, she’s gone from a relatively unknown artist to one of the most popular photographers in the area, netting nearly $100,000 each year from clients.

“People – white women, really – are very willing to toss over $500 dollars a session to get those Insta-worthy sunset hat pictures,” Harmon added. “I honestly had no idea how big of a draw that was going to be.”

The most popular location is in a sunflower field near West Salem, but for her new collection, a bluff side prairie locale will play host to yet another twenty-something in a big floppy hat.

“The openness of the bluff side prairie plus its amber color matching the dusk aesthetic really brings out the joy of wearing a quasi limp, basic-bitch sombrero,” Harmon said. “This collection is really going to be something.”

Harmon’s newest collection, White Girl in Big Hat at Sunset in a Prairie This Time, will be released on her professional Instagram account Friday at 3:00 pm.