Latest Conservative Legal Challenge Clearly Just From A Mad Libs Template

MADISON, WIS — A lawsuit seeking to overturn Governor Evers’s mask mandate now appears to have been written using a template from a popular children’s book series.

“We found that the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) very obviously just filled out a page from the Mad Libs: Constitution Edition and then filed it against the governor,” a spokesperson for the governor’s office said on Wednesday.

There were indications early on, the governor’s office said, that the lawsuit was written in Mad Libs form, such as one line reading, “..the [Governor]’s [butt] is a/an [overreach]”.

“They also left every single adverb blank,” the spokesperson added. “We’re not sure why, but our best guess is that they have no idea what adverbs are.”

WILL did not immediately respond for comment, though those close to the legal organization say that some members believed until recently that “Mad Libs” was what you got if you fill out one of those word templates.

La Crosse Times Staff contributed to this article.