BREAKING: Kenosha Police Officer Offers Hurricane Laura a Water Bottle

LAKE CHARLES, LA — New video taken Thursday indicates that a member of the Kenosha Police Department has apparently offered his support for a dangerous category 4 hurricane.

As Hurricane Laura made landfall Thursday morning, eyewitnesses recorded video of a lone police officer all the way from Kenosha, Wisconsin standing out on the pier waiting for the storm.

“We appreciate what you are doing! Thank you! Here! Stay hydrated!” the officer screamed as he lobbed a bottle of Aquafina at the heavens.

In the video, you can see the bottle awkwardly fall into the ocean just before the officer is flung fifty feet backwards by gale force winds.

Hurricane Laura barreled right past law enforcement, devastating Louisiana before eventually giving up, and turning itself in when it reached the neighboring state of Arkansas to the north.

The hurricane is being hailed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as a patriot and is currently in talks to speak at the RNC’s fourth night.

La Crosse Times Staff contributed to this article.