Area Man Binges Entire Season of Gilmore Girls at Kwik Trip Gas Pump TV

LA CROSSE, WIS — Area man Alex Johnsrud spent over eight hours at a Kwik Trip gas pump binge watching Gilmore Girls on Monday. 

He originally came to the gas station for a quick fill up, carton of eggs, and a jug of milk but ended up spending most of the day watching the ups and downs of inter-generational women on screen.

“I don’t know what happened, I just got hooked and carried away. I’m not exactly mad at myself, either. I’m a Gilmore Guy, what can I say?” Johnsrud said. 

Kwik Trip installed small screen television monitors on their gas pumps starting in 2018, treating customers to a more entertaining gas pumping experience. 

Johnsrud, who leaned against his car for most of the viewing and wished he brought a chair, loves the amenity. 

“The Kwik Trip employees were great about it, too,” Johnsrud added. “They even offered to bring out coffee, doughnuts, and other snacks for sale.”

Reporter Greg Lovell contributed to this article.