BOP Magazine Endorses Biden; Locks Up 90’s Teen Slumber Party Demographic

WASHINGTON, DC —  For the first time in its 37 year history, BOP magazine has endorsed a candidate for president. 

The teen gossip magazine officially announced their support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. As an act of support, the magazine donned Biden’s image across the cover with other 90s teen heartthrobs including Joey Lawrence, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Luke Perry. 

This endorsement essentially locks up the teen slumber party demographic vastly sought after by candidates of both parties. The endorsement also includes Biden’s name on a short list of “The Hottest Guys in School.” The issue is said to also include a dating quiz to see if you are compatible with Biden. 

“It has historically been BOP’s policy to not enter the political realm,” commented BOP editor-in-chief Slick Haircut, “But BOP could not stand by and not be a voice against Trump’s insanity.”

Still no word from teen magazine competitor, Tiger Beat. 

Reporter Dr. Jonathan H. Dong contributed to this article.