Broncos to Close Down Amid Severe Risk of People Finding Out You Drink at Broncos

LA CROSSE, WIS — A bar along La Crosse’s infamous 3rd Street stretch of night life will close down for the safety of its patrons’ reputations.

Broncos is a small, country music themed bar known for being densely packed. The bar was recently listed as a possible exposure point for those infected with COVID-19, prompting a quick response from management, since contact tracing from the La Crosse County Health Department could potentially reveal who is willing to drink at the establishment.

“We are going to close down,” Broncos owner and manager Yeehaw Scudsmeiser said. “Some of [our patrons] may have already been exposed to the public as someone who enjoys drinking here. Out of respect, we’re not going to do that to anyone else further until we can safely guarantee their anonymity.”

Just down the street and around the corner of Pearl Street, Brothers Bar is met with a similar scenario, though they say they will handle it differently.

“As far as we can tell, no one who comes here has shame anyway,” Brothers owner David Sacktapper said, “so we’re not worried about it.”