Harter’s to Start Picking Up Excess Emotional Baggage

LA CROSSE, WIS — Harter’s Quick Clean-Up announced Thursday new pick up times to specifically address a pile up of emotional baggage in the La Crosse area.

“We, during our normal rounds, have noticed an unusual pile up of fear, anxiety, depression and other emotional baggage due to the pandemic,” general manager Blanston Harter said. “So we will do our part to help clean that up as best we can.”

Experts predict that, if left unchecked, all the emotional baggage caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic would theoretically fill the grand canyon four thousand times over. Harter says they are developing a plan to recycle all of the baggage collected.

“We’d like to try and turn all this baggage into something useful like working toward an active lifestyle, being more creative, or finally realizing that single-payer health insurance is a good idea,” Harter said. “We’ll work on it. For now, it’ll be nice to just get it off the streets.”

Emotional baggage pick up will occur once a week, except for the north side of La Crosse, where pick up will happen every single day to meet demand. Harter’s asks that you leave your baggage in the proper receptacle(s) and location. For a full list of scheduled pick up times and days, head to their webpage.