Guy Wearing Camo Year-Round Says a Mask Will Make Him ‘Look Weird’

SPARTA, FL — Resistance to wearing facial coverings continues, particularly in more rural conservative areas of the state.

Jake Dockerville, 33, of Sparta says he will refuse to wear a mask over personal reasons.

“Hey look… I just don’t want to look weird,” Dockerville said, decked out head to toe in hunting camouflage in the month of July. “A mask would make me look weird, and looking weird isn’t what I am about!”

Despite countless personal customizations one can make to a mask – including making it camouflage – and the plea from disease control officials begging people to wear masks in public areas, Dockerville says he isn’t budging on principle. However, he did admit that he wears a facial covering while deer hunting.

“Well of course I wear one then,” Dockerville scoffed. “Have you seen how far breath can travel? I don’t want my spicy chicken sandwich and Marb Reds breath to give me away and prevent me from bagging that thirty pointer. I know a lot of people died from this COVID thing, but that would really be tragic.”

When asked if he was concerned about the severity of the pandemic, or if he was worried about any of his friends or family contracting COVID-19, Dockerville was also dismissive.

“More people die from falling out of tree stands anyway,” he added. “That’s why every hunter should wear a safety harness, no matter what.”