Man Says ‘Moon Tunes’ Three Times Into Mirror, Andy Hughes Magically Appears

LA CROSSE, WIS — What started as local legend was confirmed Sunday night, as a La Crosse man in desperate need of entertainment summoned a singer/songwriter through an incantation.

34 year old Daniel Tuftwhistle described how he first came to give a local superstition a try.

“I was so bored,” Tuftwhistle said. “I was bored enough to the point where I didn’t know if I really had to go to the bathroom or not, I just needed to feel like I was going somewhere.”

Tuftwhistle, like many others in the throws of the pandemic, was beginning to go stir-crazy. His moment in the bathroom mirror jogged his memory of an old legend he’d heard while drinking a Down Town Brown in Riverside Park.

“Someone said that if you say ‘Moon Tunes’ three times into the mirror, Andy Hughes will appear and play a show for you,” he said. “I thought it was crazy at the time… not anymore.”

Sure enough, after repeating that incantation into his mirror, Tuftwhistle said he heard a thunderclap, the lights went out briefly and when they came back on, Andy Hughes appeared behind him and began playing his signature folk music.

“It’s a good thing I was in the bathroom, because I nearly shit my pants,” Tuftwhistle added.

Despite previous skepticism surrounding this phenomenon, according to musician Andy Hughes this is a very common occurrence for him.

“Please… stop doing this to me,” breathed a dogged-looking Hughes. “I have KIDS to take care of! You can’t keep teleporting me into your bathroo-”

Hughes unfortunately disappeared mid-sentence.