Man Scream-Posting ‘FIX THE ROADS’ Now Extremely Upset About Road Construction

LA CROSSE, WIS — A local resident has done an about face in terms of opinion when he noticed that the road construction he’d been calling for tends to slightly disrupt his commute.

Darryl Flaginprof, 58, until recently spent the majority of his time commenting “FIX THE ROADS” in all caps – sometimes with multiple exclamation points – on every Facebook story from local news.

“It never mattered what the story was about,” WXOW Social Media Manager Devin Mallard said. “He always commented that, no matter what. But since it didn’t violate any of our commenting policies, we just kind of ignored it after a while.”

Flaginprof was especially concerned about any money the city or county of La Crosse was spending that was not on road projects that dwarf both local governments’ budgets several times over.

“They got $30,000 dollars from parking tickets and you’re tellin’ me they can’t fix all of La Crosse Street and 3rd and 4th streets and Losey? DOUBT IT!! FIX THE ROADS!!!!!!” Flaginprof commented.

Spring and summer’s current road construction projects have caused a shift in tone, now that detours are allegedly costing Flaginprof two whole minutes of travel time.

“Why couldn’t they have done this before!?!?!?!? You can’t get ANYWHERE in this town without running into a lane change or a road closed sign these days. PEOPLE GOT PLACES TO BE, YOU KNOW!!!!!!” Flaginprof posted on a 2020 high school graduation story.

Flaginprof is currently working from home with almost no reason to drive anywhere – outside of the grocery store, where he wears no mask – according to those closest to him.

“He just likes screaming into the void, so to speak,” his step-daughter said. “But that’s not much different from most people his age.”