Rotary Lights Sets Up New Display Specifically in Honor of Mother Nature

LA CROSSE, WIS – Visitors to the 27th annual Rotary Lights display will notice a brand new installation, specifically set up in honor of Mother Nature: a giant middle finger adorned with twinkling multicolored lights.

The new installation was put up with efforts from volunteers who scrambled to get the entire display up and running again after an unprecedented windstorm caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage and at least fifty-six dollars in lost favorite hats.

“As we were rebuilding, most of us at one point or another thought, ‘Wow… fuck Mother Nature!’” volunteer Terry Grabdongs said. “That’s when it hit us: we should mark the occasion with a new display just to let Mother Nature really know how we feel!”

The new display, entitled “Here, knock THIS down, Bitch!” is a seventy-five foot tall structure made of pure spite and Christmas cheer. Organizers say the quick turnaround and building of an entirely new display is a testament to the dedication of Rotary Lights volunteers.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have such a dedicated group of people that all really want to tell Mother Nature where she can stick it,” president Pat Stephans said. “Yet another banner year for the Rotary Lights.”