‘Somebody do something!’ cries party currently in control, not doing something

WASHINGTON, DC — Cries of lawmakers currently in control of all houses of the US government echoed through the chambers this morning as elected representatives wondered if anyone was going to do something.

“What are we doing?!” Sen. Putz Limpington of the majority ruling party said. “When will we finally say enough is enough, and finally do something?”

Early reports indicate that the current ruling political party has the power to do something, and indeed could have done something for quite some time now.

“If only somebody was willing to act!” said Rep. Woops O-Welliguess, a party leader in the House of Representatives. “Then maybe something could be done by someone soon.”

Legislation on the matter is stalled on capital hill, probably by like… one asshole out of hundreds that represent hundred’s of millions of people, sources say.

“Gosh, I really wish we could do something,” said a senator of the party who unequivocally has the power and avenue to do something, according to a report by obvious reality.

Abandoning the stalled legislation, party leaders are now encouraging the public to vote for candidates that support the stalled legislation instead.

Research indicates that strategy has so far been less than effective.

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