BREAKING: Minnesota friend now REALLY into gardening

LA CRESCENT, Minn. — That one person you know who lives in Minnesota announced Tuesday that they are now very much interested in gardening.

“I really, really need to get an herb garden going,” explains La Crescent native Jimmy Neglijay. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I only really decided I needed to do it on Tuesday, May 30th at noon… or, thereabouts.”

Neglijay told the La Crosse Times he called in sick to his job at Subway to gather all of the supplies he needed from Home Depot, Menards and this one guy he met at a Dave Matthews concert last summer.

“I got seeds, a shovel, a sprinkler, some gardening gloves, a ton of flamin’ hot Cheetos and a copy of Under The Table And Dreaming on vinyl,” Neglijay said. “You know… gardening essentials.”

Neglijay said he’s hoping his herb garden begins to really thrive around exactly August 1st.