57 Hyenas Resign in Show of Solidarity with Murderous Lion


PRIDE ROCK, KENYA — In a show of support for Scar, a lion accused of killing the former king of Pride Rock and usurping the throne for himself, 57 of his hyena henchmen have resigned from their jobs on the hyena emergency response team to show solidarity with their former leader.

The move has drawn immediate outrage from the animal kingdom.

“After everything that came to light, after how this all played out, it is despicable that those hyenas would still choose to support a villain,” Zazu, press secretary for Simba, said.

Scar, after falling off Pride Rock in a battle with Simba, was attacked and killed by some of his former hyena henchmen. Continued support from these 57 is reportedly creating a rift in that community.

“The views of those 57 do not reflect the values of the hyena community,” hyena mayor Shenzi said. “We remain against the actions of Scar and condemn this pathetic display of support for a villain…. doesn’t matter how good his song was, he was still a bastard.”

Mayor Shenzi went on to say that he will appeal for those 57 to be exiled and will immediately begin the hiring process to find replacements for the entire hyena emergency response team. 

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.