Amid 4th of July Cancellations, Local Firework Has to Pick Up Job Delivering Pizzas

LA CROSSE, WIS — Events all over the county meant to celebrate Independence Day have been cancelled, including beautiful fireworks displays many rely on.

Because of those cancellations, one local bottle rocket has had to find other means to make ends meet.

“The Fourth of July is my big weekend,” Sheeeeeeoooooow Pop said. “Between the fourth and New Years, I really only have the occasional baseball game to get by on. Most of those are cancelled now too.”

Pop says he will take a job for Toppers Pizza until the coronavirus subsides and he can get back to work lighting up the night sky.

“It’s not ideal for me, but I gotta do what I gotta do. My wife and I have a little fountain sprayer on the way, I need to be able to provide,” Pop said.

Many other fireworks are in the same boat as Pop, in need of financial help during these trying times. Pop says if you can, try to help out as many fireworks as possible.

“Except for snakes,” Pop added. “I think we can agree nobody likes those.”

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.