Billboard Company One Sign Away from Blocking the Entire Sky

LA CROSSE, WIS — It was a lofty goal, with some in Lamar Advertising calling it “virtually impossible”. However, Tuesday morning the outdoor ad agency has come within one tiny step of blocking the view of La Crosse’s entire sky.

“I can’t believe it,” Lamar account representative Jangle Stankbottom said. “I knew blocking a majority of the scenic views around here was possible but, the entire sky… It’s a thing of beauty. Our campaign, not the sky.”

Lamar was able to achieve such a goal by largely advertising their own services on outdoor ad spaces, dramatically increasing the number of billboards.

“Once we realized we could fill up empty billboards with ads for ourselves, there was no stopping us,” Lamar CEO Chester Papyrusfont said. “The sky was the limit! Hah! Do you see what I did there? Please include that as a quote, everyone here says I am very funny.”

The remaining open space of sky can be seen by facing south-southwest sitting on top of the US Bank building in downtown La Crosse. Lamar expects to have it covered within a month using the CEO’s new favorite slogan, “Lamar’s The Limit Now, Bitch”.

Reporters Sam Shilts and Anonymous Reader contributed to this article.