Bliss Road Bike “Sharrows” Not Sure They Should Be There Either

LA CROSSE, WIS — One of La Crosse’s most iconic roadways, precariously winding its way up to Grandad Bluff, is also home to painted signage showing where bicyclists should ride to share the road with vehicles. However, like many drivers, those “sharrows” aren’t so sure they should be there.

“We’re basically in the middle of the lane because the road is too narrow,” Petal Itkwikr, a bliss road sharrow, said. “And we know it. Trust me, every time you’re losing your mind behind someone shouting ‘How are we both supposed to fit!?!?’ we are thinking the same thing.”

Despite the road’s claustrophobic reputation, the city is currently making no plans to rethink bike sharrows on Bliss Road.

“Biking on Bliss Road in La Crosse combines the healthy effects of outdoor activity with the thrill of nearly giving several drivers a heart attack,” City Council member Jonas Weeleebar said. “We can’t just take that away, that wouldn’t be fair.”

In the meantime, Bliss Road continues to dazzle both drivers and sharrows with its sheer beauty and its ability to not become a daily bloodbath of accidents.

“I’m genuinely shocked every day that goes by where someone is not airlifted to Gundersen in pieces,” Itkwikr said. “The views up here – and the stunning lack of vehicular manslaughter – are truly remarkable.”

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.