BREAKING: Local Satirist to Verbally Fumble His Way Through Z93 Segment Friday

Pictured: A buffoon with no business being on live radio

LA CROSSE, WIS — Local satirist and financially destitute clown Sam Shilts announced Wednesday that he will be making an appearance on Z93 Morning Buzz’s “Fit, Fun, Fab” segment at 8:45am Friday.

“I’m a lot more nervous now that I know the segment isn’t just me picking a cool hand bag and make-up supplies to be delivered in a monthly subscription box,” Shilts said.

The self-diagnosed severely introverted man-child will be interviewed by veteran radio hosts Tre Ballzer and Brittany Styles at 8:45am Friday, March 6th. The segment highlights local people or businesses and their skills.

“My skills? That could be a short segment…” Shilts said, trailing off.

He went on to say he’s notorious for getting super nervous and “deer-in-the-headlights-y” when he’s on live, despite working in broadcast himself for several years. Shilts seems to think he will have a lot of what he called, “verbal fuck-ups”.

“I’m just hoping I don’t accidentally swear,” Shilts said. “I heard that is a no-no.”

Shilts will be live on the air with Z93’s Brittany and Ballzer at 8:45am this Friday, March 6. Any are allowed to listen, though Shilts says he’s still on the fence about whether to encourage people to do so.