Brewery Somehow Sells Out of New Beer They Haven’t Even Thought of Yet

LA CROSSE, WIS — If you were looking forward to trying 608 Brewing Company’s next creation, you may not get your chance. The beer has sold out, baffling even 608’s brewers, since they have yet to conceptualize, name and/or brew the beer in the first place.

“We thought it was pretty crazy when our last one sold out in just a few hours,” owner Phil Humphrey said, “but I didn’t even know this was possible.”

Humphrey was able to confirm the phenomenon in financial records showing that patrons were somehow able to purchase whatever their next beer would be. That took only 27 seconds to sell out completely.

“27 seconds!” Humphrey said. “Holy shit! Whatever I’m about to make must be really good. I hope I get to try some!”

Unfortunately for 608 staff, according to reservations, every drop of the next beer is already spoken for, meaning the brewers themselves might not ever know what it tastes like.

“Dammit. This must be what it’s like to come here after 7 pm,” Humphrey added.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.