Food Trucks to Test Brand New “Stationary Eating Zone” Concept

LA CROSSE, WIS — Several popular food trucks in the La Crosse area are now testing a brand new eating concept.

“It’s going to be like a big food truck that doesn’t move,” Fathead Steve’s owner Skinnyhips Bob said. “Wish there was a better word for that. But it’ll be like nothing anyone has ever tried, I hope people like it!”

Both Fathead Steve’s and Apothik food trucks have moved into what they are calling a “stationary eating zone”, something they are describing as “a food truck that you can’t drive and don’t need to gas up”.

“It’s going to be weird walking into this structure and not instinctively turning a key to get it started!” Apothik owner Frannily Coffeecakes said.

The structures will include seating areas inside of a sheltered and non-moving structure, and even include restrooms for visitors that are not located at a nearby boutique or bank. Owners said they are also toying with the idea of having employees go up to visitors and bring orders to them instead of forming a line of customers at the kitchen.

“I know that completely new and untested things can be scary, but I really think we are onto something here,” Bob said.

Food critics say if these are successful, the area may see three, even five more of these establishments pop up in the near future.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.