Gander Outdoors Announces Going Out of Business Sale for New Store that Hasn’t Opened Yet

ONALSAKA, WIS — The New Gander Outdoors, set to open in August, will be shutting its doors again September 3rd, said Bubba Sambrosa, CEO of Gander Outdoors LTD. 

“We had a lot of customers when we were going out of business,” Sambrosa said. “We figured, why go through months or possibly years of lackluster sales when we can just sell off everything and go out with a W?”

When questioned, most residents said that they enjoyed having a Gander Outdoors in the community, but admitted that they had never actually shopped there. 

“Cool, a new Gander Outdoors is opening; I might check it out sometime,” was a popular response when asked about the new store’s closure.

Other residents were more enthusiastic.

“I’m hoping to get some fixtures and maybe one of those cardboard display stands,” Bill Humboldt, local resident and cardboard display enthusiast, said. “Hopefully something cool, like a cardboard elk. Or a gun.  Last closure I got a Hot Hands display, which was fine.” 

Still, others were saddened by the news. 

“I always liked Gander,” one resident said. “The store name is so much less embarrassing to say than… than that other sports store.”  

She was referring to Dicks Sporting Goods. Finally, some residents were just confused. 

“Wait, the second Gander Outdoors store closed? When the hell did that happen?” asked Dicks Dickson

The latest Gander Outdoors store will open in the Crossing Meadows Shopping Center, the same location as the previous Gander stores. There are no plans in the works for a return of Gander Outdoors after re-re-opening and re-re-closing its doors.

“I don’t want to say we’ll be back, but we’ll probably be back,” said Bubba Sambrosa.

Reporter DJ Bigalke contributed to this article.