Geographers Conclude That Sparta is Actually Part of Florida

SPARTA, FL — Geographers concluded a 10 year study, the findings for which “explain a lot”, according to locals.

In a report released Tuesday, geography researchers at the University of Wisconsin explained that Sparta – a small town until recently believed to be part of Wisconsin – is technically a part of the state of Florida, drawing immediate response from the community.

“At first I was shocked,” former resident Bobbi Schmidt said. “But then then more I thought about it, the more I was like yeah, that scans.”

“I totally called it,” former resident Jake Leis said. “Think of any news headline coming out of Sparta… Now just exchange ‘Florida Man’ for ‘Sparta Man’. Yeah? All of the sudden, everything makes a lot more sense.”

Research shows that Florida has now become more of a state of being rather than just a location.

“Sparta is just an extension of Florida that happens to have four seasons and no hurricanes yet,” geography researcher Jill Averbeck said. “And this one is just the first discovery! Imagine how many other tiny little Flordas are out there in the middle of this country. There could be hundreds… thousands even. We’ll just have to keep digging.”

As a result of this discovery, a recent legislative change in the state of Florida will take effect and every Sparta citizen’s right to vote will be restored.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.