In Lieu of IPA’s, Local Craft Brewery Now Just Shoves Hops Directly Up Your Nose

LA CROSSE, WIS — IPA Lovers rejoice! One local brewery is taking a bold new approach to satisfying their customers’ peculiar tastes.

608 Brewery, located on Copeland Avenue on La Crosse’s north side, has made a name for itself in the world of craft brewing, while focusing heavily on India Pale Ales. Now – according to staff – that focus hasn’t been quite enough for some customers.

“At first, everyone loved it,” one bartender said. “But after a while, they just… I don’t know, it’s like some were becoming more and more resistant and needed higher doses.”

608, like many other breweries, struggled with an increasing number of frustrated self-proclaimed beer connoisseurs – known by some in the bar tending world by the slang term, “assholes.” However, after one particularly bad night, the owners had a breakthrough idea: cut out the middle man.

“I was like why the fuck are we even putting it in the beer? Just grab a handful and shove it straight in their faces,” owner Phil Humphrey said. “I mean, I said that as a joke, but one of my bartenders actually did it last week and the guy absolutely LOVED it.”

To save money, Humphrey says 608 will be discontinuing their other IPA’s including “Hop, Drop, and Rolled-Oats”, “HipHOPapottamus” and “Bug Spray”.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.