La Crosse Community Theatre to Present "JG Wentworth" Opera This Fall

LA CROSSE, WIS — One of the most well known operas of a generation will be brought to life this November at the Weber Center for The Arts.

The La Crosse Community Theatre announced via Facebook that the fall lineup of performances will include a run of JG Wentworth, an opera made popular in 2008 TV commercials.

“It’s incredibly exciting to bring such a widely recognized opera to our stage at LCT,” Artistic Director Grant Golson said. “Once you see it, you’ll never be able to get it out of your head, I promise. You’re probably singing parts of it right now.”

JG Wentworth follows the harrowing journey of Business Woman, who – while on her journey to a white collar job – announces to riders on a city bus that she has a structured settlement and that she needs cash now. One of these riders also happens to be a portly viking.

Local actress Michelle Walker is hoping to be cast in the lead role.

“It would honestly be the role of a lifetime,” Walker said. “Business Woman’s need for quick cash to address issues with a structured settlement, I think, really speaks to the everyperson, you know?”

Auditions for JG Wentworth will be held on August 31st beginning at 5 PM in the Trust Point parking lot. The production will be directed by Liz Golson.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.