La Crosse Self-Isolating In Their Cars, On The Roads, At All Times


LA CROSSE, WIS — The world is seeing images out of large cities showing the lack of cars on highways as shelter-at-home restrictions take effect to battle COVID-19. However, closer to home is a different story.

According to one local driver, traffic in and around the city of La Crosse has remained unchanged, if not slightly worse.

“I just needed to brave Woodman’s for supplies,” La Crosse resident Tony Munchling said. “I figured because of the Safer At Home order, traffic wouldn’t be so bad, but Jesus…”

One theory residents have is that technical social distancing by being inside vehicles combined with cabin fever and low gas prices has made many feel safe to travel on the roads at all times.

“It’s good social distancing, even though we’re all out at the same time clogging the roads for first responders and delivery drivers,” said one driver through a closed window. “But… what else am I supposed to do? Talk to my family? Ugh… no thanks.”

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.