La Crosse Tumbleweed Businesses Absolutely Crushing It Right Now

LA CROSSE, WIS – The coronavirus is turning the local economies and our daily lives upside down. Yet from the ashes has emerged a local business now staking its spot among the most successful in town: the tumbleweed business. 

One business in particular, Tumbleweeds-R-Us, has pulled out as the local front runner in supplying La Crosse and the surrounding area with tumbleweeds. This is something that owner, Stanley Cottonpicken, never saw coming. 

“I won’t lie, it’s been a tough go in the tumbleweed business over the last several years,” Cottonpicken commented. “I feel bad for them other businesses right now, but it’s about time us tumbleweeds get to shine.” 

A third generation tumbleweed farmer and business owner, Cottonpicken is honored he can finally use his craft and supply the La Crosse area with the tumbleweeds it so desperately desires. 

“We got every kind of tumbleweed your heart could ever desire,” Cottonpicken added, “We got brown ones. We got… uhm… we got everything.”

Reporter Dr. Jonathon H. Dong Contributed to this article.