Local Karen Joins Police Academy Out of Desire to Pepper Spray Service Workers


LA CROSSE, WIS — A La Crosse woman described by those closest to her as “a real Karen” is looking to join law enforcement so she can legally spray hot pepper juice in the eyes of any service employee she feels slighted by.

42 year old Cheryl Brenda-Lisa will begin her journey at the Western Technical College police academy fall of 2020. 

“I don’t know much about the law,” Brenda-Lisa said, “but I know I shouldn’t have to ask twice for an extra ramekin of ranch at Applebees. I mean, it’s like come on… how difficult is your job, really?”

The future cadet says her desire to wreak havoc on the service industry is a personal vendetta that began in her mid-thirties, and that in her mind, a police officer’s arsenal was the logical next step.

“After a while, shaking my finger and bobbing my bob-cut up and down while berating someone just wasn’t enough,” she said. “I need more.”

Critics say she may not be able to use pepper spray indiscriminately without legal action, but Brenda-Lisa flatly dismissed those worries.

“I watch TV, trust me… police can do whatever they want.”

The training academy is a grueling 28 week program, however, Brenda-Lisa has appealed to “the manager of the police academy”, insisting that she be allowed to complete it in 2-3 hours instead.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.