Local Satirist Again Proves Unequivocally That’s He’s Not Very Good Live

LA CROSSE, WIS — Local satirist and founder of The La Crosse Times Sam Shilts proved once again Tuesday that he is without question, not very good on the spot.

Shilts, aptly described by one reviewer as “tasteless and contrite”, made an appearance on River Travel Media’s La Crosse Local Podcast with Brent Hanifl. The podcast highlights local artists and business owners in the La Crosse area.

“I was a little taken aback that they wanted to talk to me, since I am not really either of those things,” Shilts said.

That reasoning aside, the anxiety-ridden Shilts is pretty confident he set a new record for ums, ahhs, pauses mid-sentence, and rambling incomplete thoughts.

“That’s how you know [Brent] is a professional,” Shilts said. “He didn’t ask ‘if I smelled burnt toast’ even once, or do any other justifiable roasting. Class act, that guy.”

More than 40 episodes of the La Crosse Local Podcast are currently live at LaCrosseLocal.com