Man Wearing Flag on Balls Either Super Patriotic or Protesting Country

LA CROSSE, WIS — A local man spotted wearing a speedo with the American flag is sparking debate over whether he really loves or hates the US.

Frederick Varnish, 34, shared a picture on Facebook Saturday featuring an American flag Speedo and the caption, “4th of July 2020”. It now has over 900 shares and several thousand comments.

A rift quickly appeared between commenters who are now debating whether Varnish’s post was pro or anti-American.

“It’s obviously patriotic!” one resident said. “Anyone who would proudly display the American flag on the Fourth of July weekend as an item of clothing clearly really loves the USA!”

“He’s obviously making a statement against where America is now!” another resident commented. “Anyone who would make it a point to shove the flag right up against their balls and taint like that clearly wants you to know he has a problem with the USA!”

Varnish has yet to clarify his post, with those close to him saying he’s currently “sleeping it off”.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.