Person Streaming Fireworks Display May Actually Serve a Purpose This Year

LA CROSSE, WIS — As of Tuesday, the Riverfest celebration in La Crosse is still set to go as planned, including the annual fireworks display. However, with many still wary of large groups due to the pandemic, experts believe one specific type of person may actually help others enjoy the holiday display.

“You know that guy or lady who has their phone out live streaming or taking pictures of the fireworks instead of just enjoying them like normal? That’s who you might have to rely on to avoid getting sick,” La Crosse Skyrockers volunteer Randolf Chestinghouse said.

Every year, according to Riverfest organizers, a slew of attendees will live stream, take pictures, or take video of the 4th of July fireworks display intending to post on social media. This is done in lieu of taking in the show’s entire effect in person, baffling those standing nearby. 2020, however, may be a different story.

“Well, normally I would be like why are you doing that? Who is this for? Like, zero people are going to watch that because the whole point of fireworks is to enjoy them in person,” Chestinghouse said. “But now, that person might be the only way other people can enjoy it this year.”

Facebook data shows that fireworks display pictures average between 2-3 likes for an entire album, videos garner about 13 views and live streams average nearly 4 viewers (not simultaneously). Experts predict those numbers in 2020 to go up roughly 10,000,000,000%.

Reporter Sam Shilts Contributed to this article.