REVIEW: New Drive-In Theater Turned Out to Be Someone Just Airing Out Their Bedsheets


LA CROSSE, WIS — The coronavirus pandemic showed the US that it was possible for a dying industry – the drive-in movie theater – to make a comeback. Socially distanced in their own vehicles, movie goers could once again flock to the theaters to see new attractions and even some of the classics while keeping themselves safe.

We visited one such location near the base of the bluffs in La Crosse and I have to say… it was only okay. I mean, parking was very limited, the staff was not very helpful (they didn’t even have concessions) and the screen was pretty small. Like, I don’t know standard theater sizes, but this one felt like it could be described as “twin”.

Still, I’m glad I finally got to see Green Book.

2 out of 5 stars.

Movie critic Buster Sanctions contributed to this article.