Sam’s Club to Require Shoppers to Wear a Whole Pallet of Masks

ONALASKA, WIS — Shortly following Walmart’s announcement that facial coverings would be required for all shoppers, Sam’s club followed suit.

The store will also be requiring shoppers to wear masks, but in keeping with the nature of it’s bulk item offerings, shoppers will need to wear the entire pallet of masks to get inside.

“We want shoppers and ultimately the community at large to be safe,” owner Walington Samson said. “Well here at Sam’s Club, we are going to make sure that we have the safest damn shopping environment in the world.”

Experts stated that the pandemic could be dealt with in just two months if everyone in the US wore a mask outside of their homes at all times. Samson says they will be doing their part. Plus, shoppers will have extra padded protection if they accidentally get bumped into by a forklift.

“And we know, not everyone is perfect. Sometimes folks forget their masks and that’s okay,” Samson added. “If you forget, we have masks at the front of the store for $100 dollars per pallet.”

In addition to the masks, Samson said they will also provide a six-lane, Olympic sized pool full of hand sanitizer to dunk inside.

La Crosse Times Staff contributed to this article.