Social Distancing Guidelines Making Tiny Marching Band Look Gigantic

BEACHES CORNERS, WIS — New guidelines from the CDC are having a major effect on the perceived size of one local high school marching band.

The Beaches Corners High School “Marching Cultipackers” typically have between ten and fifteen members each year.

“We’re a little limited when it comes to the forms we can make during our field show,” band director Jervin Coppenduffer said. “We can do a horizontal line, a vertical line, two horizontal lines… if we just had like three more people, we could do a box!”

However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced the band to increase their marching intervals to 6 feet or more, resulting in a massive and unexpected shift in the band’s image.

“All of the sudden we went from a tiny, pathetic looking group to basically looking like the Badger Band,” Coppenduffer said. “I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before!”

With the change, came its own new set of challenges, however.

“We are having a lot of trouble staying in tune or in tempo,” Coppenduffer added. “I don’t think most of them can really hear each other now. We’ll have to work on that.”

Coppenduffer said the first official performance of the Marching Cultipackers’ 2020 field show, “Whatever Was On The Radio Four Years Ago” will take place in late August.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.