State Track Meet To Be Held Via Intense Zoom Meeting


LA CROSSE, WIS — The Wisconsin High School State Track Meet will move forward this weekend with a plan to adhere to safety and social distancing by holding the track meet as one large, intense Zoom meeting. 

Hundreds of the state’s top track and field athletes will log into the video conferencing to begin the competition Saturday at 8:00 am with field events starting at 9:00 am. Athletes will be able to compete from the safety and comfort of their own homes with the minor adjustments being made to the field events.

“We feel that this is a good way to still celebrate our track and field athletes while still adhering to social distancing guidelines,” said tournament director Darnell Ganglion, “but we did have to get creative with the events.” 

Ganglion reported that athletes are responsible for creating their performance space within their living rooms by making adjustments proportional to the competing space. 

Sprinting events will take place with runners running around a standard dinner table (ex: 400 meter dash will be 67 laps).  Hurdlers having to run the same distance except they will pull chairs out to be leapt over. The distance runners will run around their living room to match the equivalent of the distance (ex: the 3200 meter run will be approximately 225-250 laps. High jump will have to jump over siblings and/or grandparents whereas long jumpers will have to jump over parents laying flat on the ground in any given hallway. The shot putters will be throwing bags of flour and/or sugar while discus throwers will throw dinner plates. 

Reporter Dr. Jonathan H. Dong contributed to this article.