Stoddard Man Delighted Clock in Car Correct Again After Daylight Savings

STODDARD, WIS — A Stoddard man, who has never quite figured out how to change the digital clock in his car, is relieved to see the clock has returned to the correct time after daylight savings Sunday morning. 

Porcelain Zamboni, a radiologist with Gundersen Health System who drives a 2017 Kia Sorento minivan, has his reasons for not making the time change back in November when it originally changed. 

“It’s a combination of not being able to figure out how to change the clock and not really giving a solid effort to figure it out,” Zamboni explained. “Once I got into December, I just decided to let it ride.” 

Zamboni went on to explain his attempts to change the time included asking his wife for help, flicking the screen with his fingers, and finally pressing and holding any sort of button with a “T” or and “H.” The only change Zamboni observed was a change in other settings on his dashboard, including changing his digital dashboard from standard US measurement to metrics. 

“All of the sudden I was driving from 55mph to 88kph, and it freaked me right out,” a traumatized Zamboni remembered. “I just about put it in the ditch.” 

That’s when Zamboni decided to just deal with the struggles and adapt to having a clock that is one hour off. Leaving the clock an hour off was not without its struggles also. 

“There were a couple times I was late to things because of the clock,” Zamboni continued, “and pretty much every time somebody got in my car they asked me about the clock, which was hella annoying.”

Zamboni is now reveling in his patience as his clock has officially returned back to the correct time. 

No word on Zamboni’s plans for the fall when the time changes again, but many speculate he will follow the same helpless pattern. 

Reporter Dr. Jonathan H. Dong contributed this article.