Street Busking Musician to Live Stream “Hallelujah” Non-Stop on Facebook

LA CROSSE, WIS — Beginning Tuesday night, a street musician will broadcast the one song they know, nonstop, from their usual spot on the corner of Main and 3rd in downtown La Crosse.

From the moment he learned guitar, Billy Sorenson was looking for the right song to fit his repertoire. 

“I stumbled across [Hallelujah] like anyone else does,” Sorenson said, “by attending an open mic night at The Root Note.”

Sorenson described how hearing the famous Leonard Cohen song wafting through the airwaves of that coffee shop on a Wednesday night completely changed his life.

“I was like, this is it,” he said. “This is the nine minute song that everyone will want to hear every single night by a novice musician like me!”

He’s not sure the exact number of times, but Sorenson estimates that he’s played the song nearly 7000 times for tens of people over the last five years.

“Now it’s time to adapt to a time of crisis,” he said, referring to the pandemic’s effect on live music events. “[COVID-19] may be able to stop people from accidentally walking by downtown, but it can’t stop them from accidentally scrolling by on their news feed.”

Sorenson’s live stream is set to start at 8:00 PM, or “whenever he gets around to going out”.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.