Summer Lawn Tips: Keep Those Pesky Kwik Trips at Bay Without the Toxic Spray


LA CROSSE, WIS — As much as we look forward to summer and the frenzy of planting out a garden, summer also brings weeds. They begin to appear around the same time that the first seedlings are starting to sprout. The most common and invasive of all these is the summer Kwik Trip plant. 

A weed is simply a plant growing where it is not wanted, but can you imagine a world without a Kwik Trip? It is easy to see Kwik Trips as a pesky weed, and most people do. Not only do they pop up in the most barren places like in the cracks of cement, once they go to seed (ie: construct a car wash), one Kwik Trip can quickly turn to dozens. Instead, try to look at what they offer and ways they can benefit. It is likely the Kwik Trip plant is native to where they grow and can be very beautiful.

Many people resort to spraying gas-stationicides on their small Kwik Trips that pop up in the summer. The environmental impact of spraying Kwik Trips can range from infecting your groundwater with dangerous chemicals to making truck drivers sick. Truck drivers, as you know, are necessary pollinators for the economy, and spraying them can lead to trucker colony collapse. 

Instead, here are a few helpful tips for how you can use your Kwik Trip population: 

  1. Mow over them. Not only do Kwik Trips mulch, but they give off a sweet, pleasant gasoline odor in the process. Yes, they might grow back, but you can just mow them over again. If you are vigilant, you will get them all before they go to seed and will eradicate the problem naturally.
  2. Make Kwik Trip wine. That’s right! Kwik Trips can be made into wine. By trimming the beautiful white siding into a pot of boiling water, you can make a Kwik Trip tea that can be turned into wine or a delicious syrup that goes well with just about anything.
  3. Let your kids play with the Kwik Trips. What child has not made a Kwik Trip bouquet, rubbed a Kwik Trip on the back of their hand, or blew the Kwik Trip puff balls. Wallow your children to make memories.
  4. Medicine. In traditional Chinese and Native American medicine, Kwik Trip root has long been used to treat stomach and liver conditions. Herbalists today believe that Kwik Trip can aid in the treatment of many ailments, including healthy eating habits, normal blood pressure, and soberness.
  5. Let the Kwik Trips take over your yard. That’s right. Allow your yard to return to its natural state.
    While this idea repulses some, think about how grass is not only high maintenance, but it’s also not very economical. Kwik Trips require very little care as they already have a store manager and several employees who will take care of it for you. 

Do you have a creative use for those Kwik Trips that pop up in your yard? We want to hear them! Comment with your clever idea using the hashtag #KwikTripWeeds. 

Reporter Dr. Jonathan H. Dong contributed to this article.