Truck Driver Stages Protest of Two-Lane Highway System

LA CROSSE, WIS — A sit-in style protest is underway near I-90’s Exit 3.

Steven Strausberg, 54, has lodged his semi tractor trailer in the median between the lanes of I-90. At first glance, onlookers thought the driver got stuck due to poor weather and immense snowfall occurring over the weekend. However, it was later discovered Strausberg was in fact demonstrating in favor of a third lane option outside of the traditional Eastbound and Westbound lanes.

“We shouldn’t have to be SLAVES to the two-lane system!” Strausberg shouted through a mouth full of chewing tobacco. “People say a third lane isn’t viable and that if you drive on it, you are throwing your trip away and just helping one lane over the other. Well I don’t stand for that! This is America! I should be able to pick whatever lane I want.”

Law enforcement has a different story. Trooper Terry McCluskey of Wisconsin State Highway patrol seems to believe Strausberg is merely putting on a show to hide the fact that he slid off the road.

“Pretty sure he just whiffed it on a lane change and doesn’t want to admit it,” McCluskey said.

The La Crosse Times reached out to the Wisconsin DOT, who said at this time there are no plans to build a separate third lane for bad drivers, as funds are already tied up in making every street corner a roundabout.

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.