Shenanigans Replicates Viral Mice Fighting Pic With Thousands of Mice Fighting In Kitchen


LA CROSSE, WIS — Shenanigans Entertainment Center and Sports Bar has attempted to recreate a viral picture of two mice fighting with some mice of their very own. Except they are trying to set the record with thousands!

Coming in first place in the La Crosse area with 12 health violations since their last inspection, locating a swarm of mice fighting was a relatively simple task.

“Lucky for us we just so happened to have a large mouse fight breaking out in the food pantry as we came up with the idea,” boasted owner Jerry Shenanigan, “Now we just have to post it on the internet and just wait for it to viral.” 

When asked if his idea of viral was shared on the internet or viral infections, Shenanigan confessed that he did not really know how the internet works. 

“We want to set the record of mice fighting. It was less of a matter of finding the pile of fighting mice,” Shenanigan added, “and more of choosing which pile of mice to photograph.”

Reporter Jonathon H. Dong contributed to this article.