Wisconsin Protester Finally Gets Haircut And It Was… Fine, He Guesses


LA CROSSE, WIS — After a win in the state supreme court, one La Crosse resident was finally able to get the haircut he wanted so badly and is describing it as “Fine, I guess”.

David Fruecte is one of thousands to demonstrate at the capitol building on April 24th against Governor Tony Evers’ Safer At Home extension. 

“I was one of dozens of people holding signs like ‘I need a haircut, Tony!’” Fruecte said. “And I did! I looked like a more homeless version of Nick Nolte.”

On Wednesday, May 13, Fruecte’s desires were met when the Wisconsin State Supreme Court struck down the Safer At Home extension, allowing businesses – like barbers – to reopen without restrictions.

“I made my appointment that night,” he said. “I couldn’t wait! It was gonna be so glorious! Well, I mean… it was supposed to be anyway…”

Fruecte booked an appointment at Great Clips in La Crosse’s Village Shopping Center, despite it accepting mostly walk-ins.

“I wanted to make absolutely sure I got in.”

The haircut took approximately 15 minutes, Fruecte paid at the front desk and left feeling somewhat unfulfilled.

“I was like, that’s it?” he said, stopping to cough wildly. “That’s what I was fighting so hard for? I mean it was okay, I definitely look better but… I don’t know, I thought it was going to be a lot more satisfying.”

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.