Woman Becomes First to Completely Cure Depression by Dyeing Hair a Fun New Color

LA CROSSE, WIS — Others warned it was a “knee-jerk reaction” or a “short term distraction” from the pressures of life, but for one La Crosse woman, finding the right choice of bold new Lunar Tides Juniper Green hair color has completely cured the woes in her life.

“Of course, I thought it would be a fresh new start for me, I always think that,” 27 year old Jamie Gandermound said. “But this time was totally different, I swear. I knew as soon as I looked in the mirror, I was like damn, green is my color.”

Gandermound says to date she’s changed her hair color 34 times, adding that she doesn’t remember what her natural color is anymore.

“Light brown, maybe…? To be honest, I don’t want to know,” she said.

Most of the time following a new color, Gandermound said she would feel the new found happiness and zeal for life slipping back into what she calls her “typical existential dread state” within one day. This time, she is going on a full two months without the return of her crippling depression. If true, this would be a full 50 days beyond the current world record. 

Gandermound believes this makes her the first in human history to cure depression by dyeing their hair.

“It’s gone. I’m serious you guys, it’s gone,” she said. “I can honestly just sit down, enjoy a La Croix and watch Love Is Blind without feeling all of that emotional weight and anxiety. This is incredible! I’m never dyeing my hair again. Well, unless there’s like, a really cool color that I want, but I doubt it.”

Reporter Sam Shilts contributed to this article.